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Sioux Falls Masonic Building Association

It has been a productive year for your MBA board. In January we collected insights from individuals and appendant bodies about the building’s need for repairs, maintenance and suggested improvements. We informed all that the MBA has had a deficit budget for several years and has drawn down upon the Mayer fund for operating expenses to make up the difference, and that the fund was being rapidly depleted. The Mayer fund was intended for the growth from the investment to be used for capital improvements, not routine operating expenses.

In February, the board received the feedback. Printed information was given to each representative to inform their membership. Significant input was received about maintenance, repairs and improvements. Several did not know much about the MBA or its purpose, its frail financial position, or the lack of periodic per capita increases, which provide the majority of funding for the organization’s operating budget. Many acknowledged the need to raise the per capita rate to balance the budget and better maintain the facility.

The board has taken action to reverse the financial loss and address repairs. Several cost reductions and income enhancements have been made. Lodges were informed in June of a Per Capita increases effective January 1, 2020. Prioritized repairs and improvements will occur over several years to spread out the costs.

Five roof replacement bids were received March through July. The board accepted the roof committee’s recommendation from Nohava Construction for $111,074. The insulation R-value for the roof will increase 50 percent, saving annual utility expenses. It will be a fully adhered, seam welded roof installed this fall. The money will be borrowed through a loan for a 5 year period.

Interest is building for projects and services to benefit our 60-year old structure. Exterior windows were all caulked and painted in September with DeMolay and Squire participation led by Brian Pulling. Scottish Rite recently donated a new ice machine. Retired engineer Jim Block evaluated our very complicated HVAC system noting ways to understand and tweak its operation. Jeff Landborg is leading a fundraiser to replace the hard metal chairs in the dining room with a softer seat. These are the sorts of needed

efforts and increased interest and pride in our building that will move us and our craft forward. Voluntary actions aimed at improved creature comforts, function, hospitality and appearance will aid beyond the reaches of our tight operating budget. Anybody or organization with ideas is welcome to present them to the board. Coordination and communication of efforts is key to a great outcome. The board applauds those who have given generously of their time, talent, and treasure to the association.

The board will participate in strategic planning education in October aimed at strengthening its service to the appendant bodies and to help guide future sustainability. I am thankful to our representative members for their service and commitment to excellence. The board meets the third Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Mayer room at the Masonic Center. All are welcome.


Tom Hoy, President  
Sioux Falls MBA

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