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Sioux Falls Masonic Building Association


Stewardship of a shared facility to serve the masonic entities and users in furthering their missions.



  • A sense of community and commitment.
  • A combining of resources for efficient and effective services.
  • Stewardship and oversight of a historic facility that meets the needs today and provides for future generations of users



To fund, operate, and maintain a building and services that meets the needs of entities and users supporting sustainability.


Strategic Priorities

  1. Research and create a multi year implementation plan for repairs or replacements and improvements.
  2. Upon completion of the above plan, develop a strategy for how the funds will be obtained to pay for the upgrades.
  3. Develop a plan to increase outside rental income for the facility.


Organizational Development

  • Create an endowment and set policies on the use of proceeds (5%)
  • Build board education program to assure understanding of board roles and responsibilities and maximize board outputs.
  • Investigate and implement a plan to engage additional people to round out the skill-sets needed for leadership of the organization.